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Free Report:  4 Unique Ways to Promote Your Business

By James Palmer


  1. Get Published  Getting published is no get rich quick scheme, but it can propel your business forward by establishing you as an expert in your field.  You donít have to write a book, although thatís a good way to go.  You can also publish a print, e-mail or Web-based newsletter, write articles for trade journals or even a newspaper column.  You can even create your own publication. What do you write about? The possibilities are endless, but think about ways you can use this avenue for promotion by leveraging what you know.  For example, if youíre a photographer, how about an article on how to choose a camera or take great vacation photos?  What about a guide to choosing a photographer?  If you run a gardening business, you could offer your customers tips on landscaping and winterizing plants.  A professional speaker could give advice on overcoming those public speaking jitters.


  1. Conduct a Seminar  Everyone is an expert on something.  Show your community what you do and how it can help them save time and money, or learn a valuable skill.  Youíve probably seen Home Depot do this with their how-to clinics, which teach their customers everything from hanging wallpaper to faux painting techniques.  The customers feel confident that they can do complex home improvements themselves, and more importantly, buy the equipment they need to do it from Home Depot.  It doesnít even have to be directly related to your business, though that helps.  A photographer friend of mine, who is also an avid belly dancer, holds belly dancing lessons in her studio!  


  1. Promote Yourself with Press Releases  When done right, press releases are great free publicity.  Developed a new product or service? Published a book? Then get the word out with a press release to send to your local paper.  If it piques an editorís interest, you might get a reporter calling to interview you for a story about your business.  If the release is really good, it might get published verbatim.  Not only that, but youíve just advertised yourself without paying for ad space. 


  1. Take it to the Web  Been there, done that, you say.  But youíd be surprised how many people donít take full advantage of everything the Web has to offer.  If you build it, they wonít necessarily come.  Give your customers some beefy content to keep them coming back for more.  Publish your press releases on your Website, as well as selected articles from the company newsletter.  Keep things current and updated so your customers will have a reason to visit once and keep on visiting.



There you have it, 4 unique ways to promote your business.  Whatever kind of business youíre in, these things will work for you.  But donít just take my word for it.  Try them out, and if you need any help, just email me.

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