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Networking Like a Pro! 20 Tips on Turning the Contacts You Get Into the Connections You Need

by Brian Hilliard and James Palmer

I decided to create a page specifically for my first book Networking Like a Pro!, which I co-authored with motivational speaker Brian Hilliard.  This book shows the job seeker or entrepreneur how to confidently create contacts with everyone they meet.  Learn easy to use techniques such as:

3 surefire ways for starting a conversation

How to get your voicemails returned fast!

3 easy questions to stand out from the crowd

How to get your business card to the top of the stack

For more info, as well as ordering information, click on the book's cover. (It will open in another window)


Networking Like A Pro!

Check out some of the tips!

Tip #2 Focused Attention is the Key to Effective Networking

Tip #3 Three Easy Questions to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

Tip #12 When Can I Call This Person Back?


The reviews are in!

"If you're looking to build your business through the awesome power of networking, then you must read Networking Like a Pro!  Read it.  Digest it.  Apply it."--Mike Litman, #1 best selling co-author of Conversations with Millionaires

"An excellent guide for traversing the mind field of the new economy.  For those out searching for employment, or for those looking for new clients for their small business, Hilliard and Palmer give the readers some solid common sense tips for meeting others at networking events, and other venues.    They also point the reader in the right direction for locating various networking groups.  But the book is strongest in informing readers on how to cultivate contacts that are made after the initial meeting.  A hearty recommendation for this most excellent AND useful business book!"


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