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The Radioactive Fanboy Files

The Radioactive Fanboy has been a thorn in many sides for over a year now, and this Website is the only place outside of RevolutionSF where you can find his mean-spirited brand of humor. This section of the site archives his most irritating tirades.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

"Science Fiction Fan Just Doesn't Get It" (originally published in RevolutionSF)

"Has-Been Actor Finds Home on Convention Circuit" (originally published in RevolutionSF)

"Actor Richard Hatch Chokes Fan at Dragon*Con" (originally published in RevolutionSF) Find out what happened when an actor who's been living off the convention circuit since 1980 finally snapped.

"Convention Organizers Prepare for Upcoming Season" (originally published in RevolutionSF) Break out the geek repellent and set your cattle prods for "allosaurus", its time to hit your favorite convention.


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