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The obligatory links page


At last, you've come to the obligatory links page. These are a few of my favorite sites on the Web listed by category. And please, if any of you notice any out of date links, email me and I'll do what I can to chase down a new URL or get rid of a dead site before its electronic corpse stinks up my Website. Anyway, enough chitchat. On to the links.


Science Fiction



Friends and Associates


Ellison Webderland

This is the official website for SF and fantasy author Harlan Ellison, maintained by Rick Wyatt. It is chocked full of info about Unca Harlan and is well worth checking out. If you're a fan, you owe it to yourself to give it a look-see.

The reason I added writer Cory Doctorow's site here is because he wrote one of my favorite SF short stories, Craphound. He also gets an 'A' in Web design for his site's look, which makes use of those old adds for chemistry sets and other boyish gizmos they used to put in comic books. The site contains excerpts from his many articles and nonfiction pieces as well as his growing body of short stories.  You can also download his new novel for free.

DNA Publications

Editor Warren Lapine has done a wonderful thing for the genre magazine market. He publishes six magazines, including Science Fiction Chronicle, Weird Tales, and Fantastic Stories (formerly Pirate Writings), under a protective umbrella. Alone, these magazines would perish, but together, they're some of the best small press mags in the business. Check one or all of them out today.

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Science Fiction


Atlanta's local convention for SF, Fantasy, Horror, gaming, computers, television etcetera ad nauseum held every summer. Whatever your pleasure, you'll find it here.

Sci-Fi Summer

A smaller Atlanta con that's more intimate than the sprawl that is Dragon*Con, and should be lots of fun as well.

SF Site

The science fiction hub on the Internet, with book reviews, site hosting for SF authors, magazines--including S1ngularity-- Rick Klaw's Geeks with Books column, and lots of other stuff.

Science Fiction Weekly

A good weekly source for science fiction news and reviews. It's good for finding out what movies are in the works as well as cool websites you might want to peruse.

Strange Horizons

Edited by Mary Ann Mojanraj, this donation-supported online magazine offers intriguing fiction and thought-provoking articles. 

The Dominion

The online home of the Sci-Fi Channel.

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Star 94.1 FM

This is my favorite radio station.

The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

As you will be able to deduce from the following links, I am a huge fan of radio theatre, and the ARTC is my favorite troupe still performing this lost art. I have several of their works, and they are all excellent.

Seeing Ear Theatre

Seeing Ear Theatre is The Sci-Fi Channel's source for classic SF radio as well as adaptations, author readings and original stories. If you have RealAudio, you can listen to great works for free.

SF on Radio

This is a wonderful site maintained by Jerry Stearns. It has tons of links to different SF radio sources, including lessons on the craft of audio theatre production. This is a great jumping-on point for SF radio and the Old Time Radio hobby.

This is a great Old Time Radio site with an emphasis on science fiction.

The OTR Plotspot

This very cool site contains a wealth of info for OTR fans. Search programs by author and more.

Radio Spirits

Radio  Spirits is a very cool company that offers Old Time Radio science fiction, horror, mystery suspense, and comedy.  Request a free print catalog or browse their offerings online.

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Spicy Green Iguana

The ultimate resource for writers of speculative fiction, chocked full of markets, news, and reviews.


A great market resource.

Ralan's Webstravaganza

This excellent site is chocked full of markets for anthologies, contests and magazines.  A bit more extensive than the other two, you're likely to find something you can't on either of those sites.

The Write Hemisphere

Scott Reilly's informative spec-fic writing blog.

Quintamid Market Database

I wish I'd thought of this. This is an alphabetical database of spec-fic markets that lists word lengths, pay rates, and what type of fiction they publish. Clicking on the magazines title will bring you to each publication's guidelines.  This is truly one stop shopping for all your market needs.

Michael Engen's Science Fiction and Fantasy Market Engine

Another quick and easy way to search for markets.  Just type in what you're looking for and it pulls up related magazines.  It even brings up publications that aren't SF but publish SF stories.

Currency Converter

This online currency converter is a must if you're writing for Canadian or overseas publications.  It's also quick and easy to use.

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Friends and Associates

Agito Consulting

Agito Consulting is an Atlanta-based motivational speaking firm founded by Brian Hilliard. He hired me on a year ago to do general writing stuff, and we wrote Networking Like a Pro! and How to Overachieve W/O Overcommitting. Brian does some great workshops on selling, so check him out.

The Comic Company, Ltd.

I'm out of the collecting game, but Dick Schwartz and the fine crew of Atlanta's largest comic retailer supplied my monthly fix via the mail for several years. If you're in the Atlanta area, or need a new mail order service, drop by their website and check them out.  And tell them I sent you, OK?

Celestial Studios

Longtime friend Amy Gradin does some cool photography.  We've been planning on doing a book together for a few years now.  Until that pans out, you can check out some of her stuff here.

Amy's other half and computer genius Olaf hosts his own domain out of his house.  This site is a blog and contains pictures of their shenanigans. 

Hall Book Exchange

This place helps me satisfy my book fix.  They have tons of great used, out-of-print SF titles.

Humpus Bumpus Books

This is another great used bookstore I found in Cumming, Georgia. Lots of new and used SF plus lots of other subjects.


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