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To help you find your way, here is a handy site map.

 The main page  This will take you to the main page of the site, where you can see the latest updates and get to the other sections of the site.

What's it all for?  This is the Frequently Asked Questions page, which answers that age old question, "What's it all for?"

How to get in touch  This, of course, is the Contact page, which contains my email address and a convenient contact form.

What's new This page contains the newest stuff, including things that aren't on the Main page.

What's coming up This page contains details of my upcoming work.

Fiction This page takes you to excerpts from my published fiction.

Articles, interviews, reviews This page holds links to all of my nonfiction articles, reviews and interviews from various publications.

This page holds pictures of book and magazine covers, book signings, and my forays to Dragon*Con and other conventions.

Links  This is my links page, where you can find a colorful assortment of sites in a myriad of categories.


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